Executive Protection

As a premier provider of Executive Protection in America’s midwest and beyond, Maverick Protection Group protects clients at home, at work and during travel. MPG focuses on the clients’ needs to be high-yielding all day, everyday and delivers safe and efficient facilitation on their schedules.

Risk Assessment

Identifying hazards, or potential hazards, is a hallmark of any comprehensive security and protection program, as it supports all related operations. MPG ensures thorough assessments that go beyond industry standards. MPG employs “lean” methodologies such as the “Five whys”, to look farther into each potential risk, who all it might affect, how they are affected and how to best mitigate, avoid and move past those problems.

Corporate Security Support

We offer security support to our corporate clients in a variety of services. MPG provides protection from and threat assessments of workplace violence to strike security support to incident investigations. Each service we offer builds onto the next, supporting the current security infrastructure, allowing for a comprehensive corporate security program.