Free Active Shooter Training


A special message and offer for Schools, Non-Profits, and Faith-Based Organizations:

Active Killer incidents are on the rise. Have you given your people the training they need to survive such an incident?


Maverick Protection Group works closely with its clients to develop customized, effective, and affordable solutions. We know from experience that schools, non-profits, and faith-based organizations have intensive security needs, but often lack adequate budgets to meet those needs.


In the case of Active Killer incidents, proper staff training is essential. Budgetary concerns cannot and must not be allowed to hinder such training.


That’s why Maverick Protection Group is providing active shooter survival training (through the ALIVE program) to organizations like yours, free of charge. Our certified instructor will work with you to determine how best to implement the training within your school, non-profit or faith-based organization. It is our mission, and will be our pleasure, to serve you

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