Free Active Shooter Training


Schools, Non-Profits and Faith-based organizations!

Active killer incidents are sadly on the rise. And not enough people have the knowledge, training and preparedness to survive such an incident.


As an organization that offers protection and security, we understand that not everyone knows what they may need to protect themselves, their families, their communities, and their places of business. Maverick Protection Group has long, in-depth conversations with potential clients to find a suitable, effective, and budget-friendly solution. As a business, we understand budget constraints.


In the case of Active Shooters/Killers/Assailants, we know the only suitable solution is training and preparation to survive. Price CAN NOT be a factor in deciding to prepare those you love most to survive an Active Killer incident. The potential cost of not preparing is far too high.


Maverick Protection Group has the resources to train and prepare people to survive Active Killer incidents through the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training program. We have a certified instructor for the program on staff and it would be our pleasure, and our mission, to serve you.


With that in mind, and after a VERY short conversation about it, Maverick Protection Group has decided that, if you are part of an elementary/middle/high school, non-profit or faith-based organization, we are offering you FREE active shooter survival training. No strings, no “buy one, get one”, nothing. If you want it, you will have it… for FREE.


Please contact us at 517-539-8909.